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Downtown Olympia

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Tucked beside the lush forest and the deep blue Puget Sound, Olympia is where beautiful Northwest landscape helps cultivate a sense of individuality and a passion for creativity.

Take a walk through the historic downtown district, bustling with the lively sounds of dining and shopping hot spots, or head to the farmers market to find fresh pastries, specialty foods, and the freshest catch of the day.

Public art efforts have allowed a bevy of local artists to beautify the city, so it’s hard to miss the influx of originality that has come to define Olympia.

There’s always something to see, do, and explore in this inspirational city.


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Downtown Olympia is nestled at the southern-most tip of Puget Sound, beneath Mt. Rainier and within sight of the majestic Olympic Mountains.

One of the oldest communities and the capital city of Washington State, Olympia, population 51,609, is a city rich in heritage, diversity, and culture.

Parks, marinas, fountains, and the Percival Landing boardwalk await you in the waterfront area. An easy stroll up Capitol Way takes you to the Capitol Campus.

Downtown Olympia’s blend of historic buildings, beautiful scenery, and eclectic retail and dining experiences offer an undeniable appeal to visitors and residents alike.

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